My name is Danna Hartline.  I created Real Words because  I’ve long been interested in the heart.  From the onset of marrying a “Hartline, ” I pondered on the  meaning of the word “heart-line.”  I think this word, in many regards, means to connect one heart to another.  I began to sense the need for real words in order to truly connect hearts.   I feel it means to align oneself to truth, authenticity, and goodness–to put Christ in the center and let Him lead and navigate.   This has been my goal and it is my motive for creating a site where we can find commonality and help in our struggles as we seek to be true ministers of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Living the Hartline Name

Striving to live the Hartline name has come with many challenges, as I am a struggler.  Too often I fail to love, to give, to extend, to reach.  I have faced a great deal of hardships that have caused hardness of heart, hurt, suffering, even despair.  In short, I am in need of a higher power than any mortal heart can offer. The only true line to my heart and yours is Christ Himself, the healer of all heart failures.

Who am I?

I am a mother of four beautiful children.  I am married to a most amazing, loving, and patient man.  I am a creator, a writer, a friend, a struggler, a student, a teacher, a dreamer.  But most of all, I’m a believer.