This website was created as a repository for LDS Church members and leaders.  It is a place where members and former members can speak openly about challenges they may not feel able to express openly in other forums.   It is a place for you & for me.

As mere mortals, we all have similarities in the human experience.  Yet, even in our commonalities, too often we struggle to connect & share our authentic selves.  Too often we hold back because we fear exposure & vulnerability, hiding behind facades of perfection.  Yet, life is so much better when we feel safe to be honest & open, fully embracing our humanity.  In doing so, we need help & strength from each other. We need to know we aren’t alone.

Therefore, as we look to this new era of ministry, sharing thoughts, feelings, & experiences can increase understanding, commonality, strength, courage, & comfort in our own trials.  The closer we align ourselves with authenticity the better we are able to accept ourselves & those around us, thus helping us become better at ministering. 

This is a place where we are free & encouraged to speak to the realness of the soul.  If you have a story, experience, challenge, or concern as a member or former member of the Church that you would like to share, please email it to  Stories can be shared anonymously, using a pen name, or with full identity.  Please indicate how you would like your information to be shared.  Pictures may be included if desired.  Stories and suggestions need to be concise (no more than 750 words) and written in a spirit of love, with an intention to help church members better understand ministering concerns.  Some editing may be done before publication.

Dialogue after articles is encouraged.  Helpful, kind, and caring responses are encouraged & expected from members & church leaders.  This is a place for healing, not for judgment or further harm.  Apologist responses are not acceptable, just Christ-centered solutions based on the new ministering paradigm. 

Come, let us reason together!