Three Vital Truths

There’s no better day than my birthday to make this announcement!

*I am worthy.*

I am worthy of being treated right.  I am worthy of having good things happen to me.  I am worthy of God’s love.  I am worthy of the very best.

*I am good enough.*

I am who I am and that is good enough.  No one is going to take away my personal power again and convince me that I am worthless or that my best is not good enough.  Never again.  I am good enough.

*I am unashamed.*

I have undergone a great deal of trials in my life—particularly church trauma.  It has taken me 12 long years to even understand what church trauma is.  I had to get a grip on it, define it for myself, and realize the truth of why I could not seem to move forward.  I largely did this alone—I even coined the term, at least I knew of no other soul who had undergone anything similar and who was using such a name for it, if they did have it.  (I have since found many others inside and outside my religion who have so suffered and have also found that researchers are starting to get a grasp on it but there is still so much work to do in this area.)  But because it is so unchartered,  I didn’t even comprehend what church trauma truly was and that such a thing could ever happen in church.  I thought church was a place that only good things could happen.  Thus, it took me 12 long, lonely, and hard years of struggle.  But I am finally unashamed of this darkness that I have faced.  I will rise above it and I am determined to help others who have faced and who are facing this trial as well.  In fact, I have recently been invited to speak on this very subject at a mental health conference in SLC on March 3, 2018!  I am so excited to finally bring a voice to a subject that is in need of much attention in my church!!  No one should have to suffer in silence, anguish, and confusion as long as I have suffered–and especially at church.  Thus, I will lift my head up and use my voice.  I  have endured something excruciatingly hard.  …..I am a church-trauma SURVIVOR!  I am FINALLY completely and fully unashamed!!

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